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    من أسهمها . فالله عوض الجميع خيرا:)

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    CMKM Diamonds, Inc. Appoints New Board of Directors’ Members

    August 14, 2008
    Tyler, TX. CMKM Diamonds, Inc. CEO and Chairman of the Board Kevin West announced today that shareholders Stan Polsom, Tom Stephenson, and Roger Summers have been named to the Company’s Board of Directors. With the recommendation of the newly formed advisory committee, the Company is now in negotiations with an individual to take over the leadership role as Chief Executive Officer. Kevin West will remain as the Chairman of the Board.

    Mr. West stated, “We will continue to forge ahead as we are determined to show our loyal shareholders and the entire business world that this Company will not only survive through the difficult times, but in the end it will flourish.” Mr. West continued, “Regardless of what many will say, we still believe after all this time that our shareholders are our biggest strength.”

    Roger Summers served eleven years as a US Navy Hospital Corpsman stationed with 1st BN Fourth Marines, and at the Naval School of Health Sciences in San Diego as clinical coordinator. He is currently president of OG Advisors LLC., providing subcontracted Corporate Due Diligence, Asset Tracking, and Investigations. Summers is also a clinical instructor in Radiography for a nationally-known medical institute.

    Summers said, “Having been a shareholder of CMKM Diamonds since March 2004, I am pleased to step forward and join the fight to reclaim what is ours. This company has faced many obstacles since Mr. West has taken over, yet he and our Corporate Counsel, Bill Frizzell, have met every challenge with courage, dedication and veracity. Together we will work to return legitimacy to this company by building upon the foundation laid by their efforts. I am honored to serve the shareholders of CMKM in building a viable, profitable business.”

    Tom Stephenson brings a wealth of knowledge and experience with public companies. Tom is a successful private businessman and understands what must be achieved to bring us credibility and longevity. His extensive 20 year background in the field of Information Technology will assist the Company in many of the diverse and complex undertakings it is in the process of resolving.

    Stephenson stated, “Our role as a team is to effectively represent and promote the interests of all shareholders with a view to adding long term value to the Company's shares. We are all committed and prepared to make any personal sacrifices to ensure that we fulfill that role. We intend to fulfill our goals by any and all means necessary and with honesty and integrity.”

    Stan Polsom brings a diverse background to CMKM Diamonds. He has a degree in Business Administration along with seven years experience in contract law and accounting, specializing in internal audits and control. Polsom has over a decade of training in the petroleum industry, and has been a successful developer and contractor for the past forty two years.
    Polsom stated, “I will do my best to make sure that we as shareholders receive the justice that we deserve for all of the hard work that has been done. We are standing up for what we believe in, and we are going to fight to see that nobody is allowed to just walk over us.”

    CMKM was recently awarded a $33,675,365 judgment in a Nevada District Court against former company insider John Edwards. The Company plans to announce the appointment of their new CEO in the very near future and is rapidly moving forward with efforts to recover assets stolen from the Company and its shareholders.

    CMKM Diamonds Inc., Tyler
    Kevin West 903-262-8397
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