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    ‏4 مايو 2002
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    Digital Generations Systems, Inc.

    The average daily volume is 686,000 shares.

    Digital Generations Systems, Inc. offers a suite of digital technology products and services through Digital Generation Systems Inc. (DGS) and its wholly owned subsidiary StarGuide Digital Networks, Inc. (StarGuide). Through DGS, the Company operates a nationwide digital network out of its Network Operation Center (NOC) located in Irving, Texas. The network beneficially links hundreds of advertisers and advertising agencies with more than 7,500 radio and 1,000 television stations across the United States and Canada. Through the NOC, the Company delivers audio, video, image and data content that make up transactions between the advertising and broadcast industries. Through StarGuide, the Company develops and sells proprietary digital software, hardware and communications technology, including various bandwidth satellite receivers, audio compression codes and software to operate integrated digital multimedia networks and offers related engineering consulting services.

    The book value is reported as $1.04 per share. Total cash is reported as $5.2 million. Total shares outstanding are reported as 71.8 million shares with 38.1 million shares in the public float.
    SCOR SA.

    The average daily volume is 767,000 shares. The French reinsurer said it earned a profit of 35 million euros in the fourth quarter and that gains on building sales helped compensate for prior U.S. underwriting losses.

    SCOR provides property-casualty and life reinsurance on a worldwide basis. Property-casualty operations include reinsuring to primary insurers of property, casualty, marine, space and transportation, construction and credit and surety risks. Life operations include providing a full range of life and health reinsurance products and related services to primary life insurers throughout the world. In 2002, SCOR generated approximately 45% of its gross premiums written in Europe, with significant market positions in France, Germany, Spain and Italy, and 39% of its gross premiums written in North America, including Bermuda and the Caribbean region. The Company's operations are organized in five business segments: Property-Casualty Treaty, Life/Accident & Health, Alternative Reinsurance, Credit, Surety & Political Risks and Large Corporate accounts. In July 2003, SCOR acquired a majority stake in Irish reinsurer IRP Holdings Ltd. from an unidentified shareholder.

    The book value is reportedly roughly $10 per share with a cash position of $1.8 billion. Total shares outstanding are reported as roughly 819 million shares with a public float of 88.4 million shares.
    DPAC Technologies Corp.

    The average daily volume is 127,000 shares.

    DPAC Technologies Corp. is a technology company that designs and manufactures high-density stacked memory packages and is developing and ********* in a new line of wireless industry products. The Company's products are used in applications such as network servers, computer storage devices, guidance systems, medical instrumentation and communication electronics. Packaging technology, in addition to improving performance, allows the use of more-available, less-expensive, lower-density memory chips to achieve the same performance levels as newer, more-expensive, high-density memory chips. The Company can emulate a 512-megabit DRAM (dynamic random access memory) by stacking two 256-megabit DRAMs. Packaging technology can therefore reduce the cost of certain products by allowing customers to use a module consisting of multiple low-cost, volume-produced memory chips (256-megabit DRAMs) instead of a single higher-price chip (512-megabit DRAM).

    The book value is reportedly .67 per share with $5.6 million in cash. Total shares outstanding are reported as 21 million shares with 20.5 million shares in the public float.