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    ‏9 مايو 2004
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    GFY Foods, Inc.
    (OTC Bulletin Board: GFYF) announced today that it has launched its new
    corporate web site http://www.gfyfoodsinc.com and will utilize this web site
    as the centerpiece of all of its advertising and marketing processes moving

    "We've been so busy growing our business that we have not taken the time
    to focus on our online market presence -- but our new corporate web site is
    being launched as of today and we intend to utilize this site to communicate
    effectively with our customers, business partners and investors," said Ed
    Schwalb, President of GFY Foods, Inc. "We will add more dynamic features to
    the web site as we continue to grow -- our primary goal with this site
    initially is to provide people with a concise overview of our company and
    market focus and to provide them with one central source of information about
    our company."

    The company now has three active locations regionally. It has plans to
    grow nationally by rolling out additional locations in key market segments and
    to work closely with the Kahala Corporation to acquire new restaurants. It
    hopes to open 8-10 new locations by the end of calendar 2004, in metropolitan
    areas where there is minimal competition and significant upside to build a
    brand and establish the company nationally.

    About GFY Foods, Inc.

    Founded in the spring of 2003 by Ed Schwalb -- GFY Foods now has three
    franchise locations in place located in the Midwestern U.S. The company
    believes in the importance of providing high quality foods at affordable
    prices that are healthy alternatives to food that is now being sold to the
    American public. For more information please contact Ed Schwalb, President,
    847.353.7554, 601 Deerfield Parkway, Buffalo Grove, IL 60089.
    ed@gfyfoodsinc.com . On the web: http://www.gfyfoodsinc.com . Investors and
    others are asked to no longer utilize the ares@bwwonline.com for e-mail
    contact, but to utilize the President's primary e-mail address,
    ed@gfyfoodsinc.com .

    This release contains forward-looking statements within the meaning of the
    Securities Litigation Reform Act. The statements reflect the company's
    current views with respect to future events that involve risks and
    uncertainties including uncertainties related to successful negotiations with
    other parties, closing of transactions, capital availability, operational and
    other risks, uncertainties and factors described from time to time in the
    company's publicly available SEC reports. In light of these risks and
    uncertainties, the forward-looking events described in this release might not

    SOURCE GFY Foods, Inc.
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    ‏17 مارس 2003
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