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    Nokia Receives Contract From Indonesia`s Indosat To Expand GSM Radio Network - Update [NOK]

    8/3/2004 5:33:22 AM Tuesday before the bell, Nokia Oyj (NOK), a mobile communications company, revealed that it has been granted an expansion deal by Indosat for Nokia GSM Radio Network, Core network, and Cellular Transmission in Indonesia.

    As per the agreement, Nokia would deliver its GSM network equipment, including Nokia MSC, HLR and GPRS core, Flexihopper Cellular Transmission, Ultrasite Base Stations and Base Station Controller BSC3i.

    Nokia would further provide rollout planning and network optimization to enhance the network quality, and also implement indoor and outdoor solutions and offer logistics and training services.

    In addition, Nokia stated that the expansion of the GSM radio network at East Java is currently underway and the implementation of next phase for Bali and South Central Java has begun. Nokia noted that it would install its Mobile Switching Center and Home Location Register in Surabaya.

    On Monday, NOK ended trade at $11.56.