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    ‏11 ديسمبر 2003
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    سهم اخونا بو هشام

    اذا كسر 1.39 كسر واضح مع فاليوم ان شاء الله انشوفه عند 1.5 واذا كمل المشوار راح انشوفه عند 1.65 ومافوق ان شاء الله

    هذا التحليل على شارت 60 ( تحقيق الهدف من يوم الى اسبوع و الله اعلم )

    ان شاء التحليل صحيح :d
  2. bu-abdullaziz

    bu-abdullaziz عضو مميز

    ‏11 ديسمبر 2003
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    Pick #1: TMTA

    Buy at $1.50, Sell at $2 + (Great Short & Long Term Hold) In-Play

    Transmeta Corporation is a small cap stock that has been gaining a significant amount of interest throughout the small cap investment community & high-end computer users across the U.S.. Our stock analysts say this penny stock could become a very profitable stock for penny investors over the coming months. Founded in 1995, Transmeta Corporation designs, develops and sells highly efficient x86-compatible software-based microprocessors that deliver a compelling balance of low power consumption, high performance, low cost and small size. Their products are valuable for diverse computing platforms demanding energy efficiency, low heat and x86 software compatibility. They also develop advanced power management technologies for controlling leakage and increasing power efficiency in semiconductor and computing devices. The Transmeta Efficeon processor is designed to provide power efficiency, design flexibility, performance-on-demand and low cost to meet the need of the next generation of mobile, wireless, and embedded devices. It includes three new high performance bus interfaces: an on-chip HyperTransport(TM) bus interface for increased input/output efficiency, an on-chip Double Data Rate (DDR) SDRAM memory interface for increased throughput, and an on-chip AGP graphics interface for high performance graphics solutions. These new interfaces allow Efficeon to achieve more work per clock, which results in greater energy efficiency and longer battery life for mobile computer users. The Transmeta Efficeon processor's dynamic LongRun® power management features and integrated architecture are designed to give system designers and marketers a wide range of choices in creating products that deliver added value, functionality, security, comfort, reliability, and cost savings to end users. Visit their web site for more information at: www.transmeta.com . We feel that their new category of computers has much to offer individuals and organizations who require high-end computer power for their daily work activities. In recent news, their Efficeon(TM) processor was chosen for the Orion Custom Workstation from Orion Multisystems, Inc., and announced they have just entered the Chinese market with new Efficeon Powered Ultraportable Notebooks from Amoi. Based off of what we have learned during our Due Diligence, the company is certainly putting itself in an ideal position for short & long term all round growth, and our analysts are recommending a solid BUY & HOLD!

    Check out recent company news, quotes & a chart: http://finance.yahoo.com/q?s=tmta

    Transmeta Corporation (Nasdaq:TMTA - News), the leader in efficient computing, today announced that the company's energy efficient Efficeon(TM) processor has been chosen for the Orion Cluster Workstation from Orion Multisystems, Inc. The Cluster Workstation represents another new application for the Efficeon processor that takes full advantage of its high performance and low power consumption.

    Orion Cluster Workstations are a new category of computer systems that implement cluster technology to provide performance unmatched in a desktop and deskside form factor. These Cluster Workstations address an important need in research and industry for very high performance computers that can process intensive applications in a standard, small footprint system that can operate in a standard office environment.

    "We are pleased to welcome another early adopter of the Efficeon processor with the introduction of Orion's Cluster Workstation, a new and exciting dense-computing application, which benefits from the high-performance of Efficeon," said Matthew R. Perry, president and CEO at Transmeta Corporation. "Due to the low power consumption and low heat dissipation of Efficeon, it is an ideal choice for high-density applications, which require many processors confined within tight space constraints. We look forward to seeing these new products from Orion come to market in the fourth quarter of 2004."

    Historically, high-performance cluster computing has often mandated the use of large air conditioned rooms and demanded steep power requirements, which proved cost prohibitive for many companies. Because Transmeta's low-wattage Efficeon processor requires no active cooling and has a small footprint, it enables tight form-factor designs, which would have previously been impossible to create like the Cluster Workstation.

    Orion's Cluster Workstations boot with the push of a button and have the look, feel and ease-of-use of a personal computer. Additionally, the workstations have been designed to adhere to industry standards for typical clustering including: X86-compatibility, use of the Linux operating system, and standard parallel programming libraries for easy application development.

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