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    ‏4 أغسطس 2004
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    Tuesday, August 24
    Nasdaq "The Real Most Active"
    Analysis of IBD Chart
    If you study Sensytech's (STST) daily chart, you'll immediately see a nine-week cup-like pattern that began forming June 16. Less obvious is a much longer base-on-base formation that goes back to mid-September 2003. To see that, you need a weekly chart like the one seen here. After breaking out May 24 on heavy volume (Point 1), the stock rallied 29% from its pivot of 19.41, just shy of the 30% minimum gain needed before a stock can form a brand-new base. So the base-on-base pattern counts as a single base. Sensytech surged nearly 2 points in the last half hour of trade. Given that its latest base appearrs to lack a handle, the pivot, or ideal entry point, was 25.07, or 10 cents above the highest price on the base's left side. Sensytech closed 5% above the pivot, which is generally the highest purchase price permissible when a stock breaks out. Buying a stock 10%, 15% or 20% above the proper entry point can force an investor to sell the stock for a 7%-8% loss if the stock makes a perfectly normal pullback.

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