september 2

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    ‏4 أغسطس 2004
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    SEPTEMBER 2nd... right around the corner. That's D-Day for Wall Street. If
    our forward-looking survey continues to show weak IT numbers, that
    means the you-know-what is about to hit the fan.

    If you think Nasdaq-1,800 is bad, how will you feel at Nasdaq 1,400
    or lower? Can you afford that kind of hit again?

    Don't just stand there and absorb the blows like some sort of
    punch-drunk prizefighter. Get defensive now! At least get on board
    and get ready. Our Alliance research numbers DON'T lie. They tell
    us what's really going on inside business and the economy before
    most of the world ever catches on!

    ChangeWave Investment Research, LLC
    7811 Montrose Road