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    For Stocks, a Shiny New Quarter

    By A. Teymour Golsorkhi
    Staff Reporter
    10/1/2004 4:45 PM EDT

    Updated from 4:02 p.m. EDT
    What a difference a day makes -- especially when it marks the beginning of a new quarter.

    Stocks surged Friday, even as oil prices closed above $50 a barrel for the first time, on a beginning-of-the-quarter buying binge.

    The Nasdaq closed up 45.36 points, or 2.39%, to 1942.20, and the S&P 500 gained almost 16.92 points, or 1.52%, to 1131.50 -- their highest closing levels since early July. The Dow Industrials added 112.38 points, or 1.11%, to 10,192.65, as the blue-chip index recovered from Thursday's loss. All three major indices closed sharply higher for the week

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