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    ‏11 ديسمبر 2003
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    December 14th, 2004:

    We are profiling American Bio Medica Corp. (ABMC) at $1.17 as a short-term strong buy.

    ABMC develops, manufactures and markets immunoassay diagnostic test kits, primarily for the immediate, point of collection screening for drugs of abuse.

    ABMC grew revenues from $4 million in 2001, to $10.3 million in 2002, and $12.4 million in 2003 with a net profit of over $1 million.

    The stock appears to have a lot of support at these levels. There could be significant upside if positive news comes out.

    Major accumulation appears to have been taking place during the past week.

    This is a very strong established company in a very big industry. We believe there is still huge growth potential for the future.