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    ‏11 ديسمبر 2003
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    January 18th, 2005:

    We are profiling Healthaxis Inc. (HAXS) at $2.59 as a speculative strong buy.

    HAXS is a provider of integrated solutions and services for health benefit administrators and health insurance claim processors. These solutions are composed of software products and related business process services, which are designed to assist health insurance payers and third-party administrators (TPA) to provide services to members, employees, employers and providers, which are provided through the application of its technology to legacy systems on a fully integrated or on an Application Service Provider (ASP) basis.

    HAXS is very risky and speculative because they are losing over $1 million per quarter but it could be a good value at these levels.

    HAXS has over $4 million in cash and is trading for less than book value. The market cap of $7 million is only a small fraction of their $16.8 million in revenues during the last twelve months.

    There have been several spikes on high volume during the recent months and it looks like somebody may be accumulating HAXS.