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    ‏6 فبراير 2002
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    one kind of company that honestly doesn't know
    until the last minute of the last day of the quarter
    whether they made their numbers is an enterprise
    software corporation. That's because they can book a
    multi-hundred thousand dollar sale just by shipping a
    CD full of software code to a customer, or
    even transferring an electronic file over the

    In contrast, hardware companies often preannounce
    results a couple of weeks before the quarter ends,
    because there's no time left to make up for orders
    that get delayed or pushed out at the last minute.
    But when a software company misses their quarterly
    estimates, we usually don't find out until the few
    days right after the end of the quarter. That's what
    happened after the close on April 1 with PeopleSoft,
    and again this morning with Check Point.