After Market Report - 3- 1- 2005

الموضوع في 'السوق الأمريكي للأوراق الماليه' بواسطة الشعثاني, بتاريخ ‏2 مارس 2005.

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    After Market Report

    Bulls in the semiconductor sector are a tenacious bunch lately. INTC was upgraded this morning and the SMH was knocking on the door of resistance one more time

    In fact, the SMH (semiconductor), QQQQ, Dow, and S&P all closed below very important and formidable resistance levels. All indices traded on below average volume, except the semiconductors, which managed to reach normal volume levels today. A surprise could occur here and it is important to be ready for it, but right now we have to bet against a breakout. If a breakout comes, we will embrace it