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    بالبري ماركة قبل الافتتاح 0.0215 ونزول خير

    Press Release Source: mPhase Technologies On Tuesday June 22, 2010, 8:17 am
    LITTLE FALLS, NJ--(Marketwire - 06/22/10) - mPhase Technologies, Inc. (OTC.BB:XDSL - News) will hold a series of investor meetings in Boston tomorrow, June 23, during which CEO Ron Durando will explain the Company's strategy for monetizing its new U.S. patent.

    Mr. Durando said, "This patent is related to a hydrophobic (water) and oelophobic (oils) porous silicon membrane capable of controlling the flow of a wide range of liquids. It has wide ranging implications in controlling a fluid on a surface. The patented process may have the ability to be used with materials other than silicon, for example polymers and fibers. If so, this could reduce costs and unlock even greater possibilities."

    mPhase is actively seeking partnering, licensing and co-development arrangements in both the private sector as well as with the government, to investigate the potential of this recently issued patent.

    Mr. Durando continued, "Potential targeted applications include drug delivery systems, lab-on-a-chip analytic systems, self-cleaning systems, liquid chemical systems, and water filtration systems. In addition, because solar cells use very thin films, it is reasonable to think there could be uses for this process in that industry. Given BP's environmental disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, it maybe worthwhile to look more closely at ways it could be used to separate aqueous and non-aqueous liquids, such as separating oil from water."

    Currently, this patented technique is being implemented in the design of the mPhase Smart NanoBattery, however it may also be incorporated into future battery designs by other battery vendors. The Smart NanoBattery is being developed as part of a US Army STTR Program to develop unique new battery technology for military purposes. The reserve battery design uses electrowetting and microfluidic techniques to selectively activate and control the power generated by the cells in the reserve battery.

    About mPhase Technologies, Inc.
    mPhase Technologies is introducing a revolutionary Smart Surface technology enabled by breakthroughs in nanotechnology, MEMS processing and microfludics. Our Smart Surface technology has potential applications within drug delivery systems, lab-on-a-chip analytic systems, self-cleaning systems, liquid and chemical sensor systems, and filtration systems. mPhase has pioneered its first Smart Surface enabled product, the mPhase Smart NanoBattery.

    In addition to the Smart Surface technology, mPhase recently introduced its first product the mPower Emergency Illuminator, an award winning product designed by Porsche Design Studio and sold via the mPower website: http://www.mpowertech.com.

    More information about the company can be found at http://www.mPhaseTech.com.

    Forward-Looking Statements
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    الله يوفقكم اخوي فهد666 ان شاء الله اهم شيئ كسر حاجز 200 يوم فنيا و الله اعلم
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    اخوى الشركة عنده اختراع نظام شبيه فى الفلتره للمياة او لعزل بعض المواد الكميائيه ..

    الخبر طال عمرك هو انه عنده اجتماع غدا 23 مع بعض المستثمرين لشرح هذه الاختراع ..
    اذا كان الاختراع مجدى اقتصاديا سوف يتم تمويله من احد المستثمرين ...
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