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    ‏11 ديسمبر 2003
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    February 14th, 2005:

    We are reiterating Sento Corp. (SNTO) at $3.75 as a long-term strong buy.

    SNTO designs, implements and manages high-tech solutions for customer acquisition, customer care, technical support and help-desk functions. The Company delivers Web solutions through its own Customer Choice Platform technology suite. This software suite is designed to enable the Company's clients, partners and other service providers serving the same client to work from a unified software platform regardless of whether they are in the United States or in an offshore location.

    About a year ago SNTO made a very quick run from the current levels all the way up to $17.89. Since then, the stock has slowly drifted back down. It appears to have bottomed out.

    SNTO has done over $30 million in revenues during the past twelve months. The entire current market cap is only $14 million.

    While the company isn't profitable, they do have a strong balance sheet with $6.8 million in cash and shareholder equity of $10.3 million.