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    The Big Scam Revealed
    By Seth Jayson (TMF Bent) (TMF Bent)
    May 26, 2005

    The inside scoop
    It usually starts after one of us writes about a volatile stock, something like Sirius Satellite Radio (Nasdaq: SIRI) or Taser International (Nasdaq: TASR): the conspiracy theories, the illogical -- and easily disproved -- "facts," such as "The Monlties Fool are short this stok!"

    Normally, I think it's best not to even dignify that kind of thing with a response, except perhaps with something like, "Oh yeah? All your base are belong to us!" But it occurs to me that not everyone frequenting the viper pits -- and by that I mean the Yahoo! boards -- is packing fangs. There are innocents, and plenty of other first-timers in the mix. We've all been there.

    And that's the problem, because I'm pretty sure that coo-coo is contagious. If you consume a steady diet of nonsense, how long will it be before your sanity takes flight? How long before your friends stop answering your phone calls so they don't have to listen to you whisper to them about how those dastardly, naked shorts and their Motley Fool cronies are the only thing holding back your shares of (Nasdaq: OSTK)?

    So, in the interests of helping out folks who are interested in all the sordid details, I thought it might be instructive to peel back the curtain and show you how our scam really works, so you can judge for yourselves.

    A typical scam
    Bad Guy 1: "Dude, I need a couple of points on this piece of [naughty word] Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL). Can you do me a solid?"

    Bad Guy 2: "No problem. Straight-up bash or reverse-psychology pseudo Pod pump? You see the latest episode of Stacked last night? Awesome, dude."

    Bad Guy 1: "Yeah. Pam still rocks. Let's try the RPPPP. That oughta take out Grandma Millie, man. We're going to jam this down her [naughty word]...."

    Oh, wait. I'm sorry. The computer seems to have garbled my transcripts. That's not actually a Fool scam. It's an amalgamation of various other scams, the kind of thing engaged in by certain Wall Street analysts, New York Stock Exchange specialists, and Enron traders who took advantage of public markets. This kind of nonsense is why I sympathize with people who are, shall we say, overly skeptical about anything they hear or read regarding a stock.

    The horrible, boring truth
    But as exciting as it would be, it's not the kind of thing that happens here at the Fool. My apologies, folks, because reality is much more boring than popular delusion. Clearly, we're rank amateurs when it comes to illicit doin's. As an example, this is what passes for front-running at the Fool. It's an actual conversation I had with my colleague Bill Mann, who is a Motley Fool Hidden Gems guest analyst for a few months and, thus, is privy to the picks that will be coming out in the latest issue. (Yes, this one is real. No kidding.)

    Bill: "You're gonna love this month's Hidden Gems."​

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