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    IGDC's First Nation Natural Gas Field Development Moving Forward;
    Initial Review... [FFMSHXX]

    IGDC's First Nation Natural Gas Field Development Moving Forward;
    Initial Review of Seismic Analysis Positive

    SAN FRANCISCO--(Business Wire)--June 20, 2005--
    Indigenous Global Development Corporation, the first
    majority owned and publicly traded Native American company in the U.S.
    (OTCBB:IGDC) today announced that its subsidiary company, First
    Indigenous Depository Company (FIDC) completed its initial seismic
    analysis of the Sweetgrass First Nation reserve lands to determine the
    potential of hydrocarbon deposits and is very pleased with the
    results. FIDC signed a historic contract with the Sweetgrass First
    Nation to begin development of the Nation's natural gas fields and,
    given the positive initial results, expects to drill test wells this
    The contract is historic because it represents the first time a
    Canadian First Nation will be a majority owner and developer of its
    own natural resource. FIDC will provide the financing, technical
    assessment and drilling expertise for this sovereign nation to
    sovereign nation venture. There is a potential for natural gas revenue
    of approximately $20 to $90 million per year when the final analysis
    identifies the number of wells to be drilled.
    The Sweetgrass First Nation encompasses 49,000 acres of Reserve
    Land and over 4,100 acres of Treaty Land Entitlement lands and is
    located just west of the town of North Battleford in the Province of
    "We are pleased with the results of the seismic analysis," said
    Deni Leonard, Chairman of CEO, First Indigenous Depository Company.
    "We have some additional work to complete but look forward to
    beginning the drilling in the fall."

    About Indigenous Global Development Corporation

    Indigenous Global Development Corporation (IGDC) is the first
    majority owned publicly traded Native American corporation. IGDC's
    goal is to provide strategy, financial and investment tools to deliver
    economic development, empowerment and financial self-sufficiency for
    Native Americans across the U.S. and for indigenous people worldwide.
    Investment financing, tribal energy creation and pharmaceutical
    development for Native American communities are its primary tools to
    create positive change in Indian Country. Its parent company is United
    Native Depository Corporation. You can find more information about
    Indigenous Global and First Indigenous Depository Company at
    www.igdc1.com and at www.fidc1.com