Erts And Thqi

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    ‏6 فبراير 2002
    عدد الإعجابات:
    مكان الإقامة:
    erts price $63.81
    thqi price$32.15
    erts shares outstanding 144 200 000
    thqi shares outstanding 39 360 000
    erts quick ratio:2.2
    thqi quick ratio:6.1
    total debt/equity 0.00 for the two
    erts book value:$8.63
    thqi book value:$10.34
    erts cash flow:0.88
    thqi cash flow:2.32
    thqi cash /share:$6.17
    erts return on equity:9.22
    thqi ROE:14.9
    peg(mean est 03) for erts is 1.15
    peg(low est o3)forerts is 1.79
    peg for thqi mean is 0.86
    peg for thqi low est is 1.31
    p/s for thqi :3.02
    sales growth for last 4 quarter is 30% for erts
    sales growth for last 4 quarter is 18.8% for thqi
    gross margin 5 years:50%
    gross margin 5 years for thqi:55%
    net profit margin for erts is 6% nearly
    net profit margin for thqi is 9.5% nearly
    inventory turn over for erts is40
    inventory turn over for thqi is 16
    asset turnover for erts is 1.17
    asset turn over for thqi is 1.26
    last 4q sales for erts is 1 700 000 000 nearly
    last 4 q sales for thqi is 400 000 000
    ERTS is the leader

    THQI is one of the top designers for ninteendo's game boy advance
    but electronic arts is clearely the sector leader with sales two times of the its nearest rival Activision