The volatility index

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    The Volatility Index (VIX) and (VXN) have long been associated with market bottoms. Typically, extreme values point to change in market direction. Another indicator is the number of "new lows" set each day. The higher the number, the better chance of a market turnaround. Note that the number new lows on the Nasdaq are reaching values not seen since September of 2001. (VIX) -0.05 to 33.64, VXN +0.58 to 60.15

    unemployment friday
    if it i good
    next week
    may there is warning
    but i think it will go up because they will not give you the chance to buy stock who now at 10
    you will find it on $13
    because if the $10 stock make good earning
    you will find it at $16 after market

    now at$23

    if the market is up next week(no imprtant earning)

    you will find
    txn on friday 12th of july at$26

    after his earning if it is good
    you will find it next day at$29

    YOU WILL BUY IT AT$29!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I think we will see 1150 on the nasdaq
    after breaking multi year support at 1357
    on intraday basis.
    but the market may go up and then go to 1100-1150