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    Press Release Source: US Global Nanospace

    USGN Receives Invitation From the Government of a Gulf Cooperation Council Country to Demonstrate MAPSANDS(TM)
    Wednesday January 4, 9:15 am ET

    CARSON CITY, NV--(MARKET WIRE)--Jan 4, 2006 -- US Global Nanospace, Inc. (OTC BB:USGA.OB - News) ("USGN") announced today that it has received an invitation from the government of a Gulf Cooperation Council country to demonstrate USGN's MAPSANDS™ product. USGN has accepted the invitation and is making arrangements to have the components of its Mobile MAPSANDS(TM) product delivered to that country, subject to compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. MAPSANDS(TM) is an acronym for USGN's Modular Autonomous Perimeter Security and Non-Lethal Defense System.

    "We have fulfilled an important milestone for the company in receiving and accepting an invitation from a sovereign government to demonstrate MAPSANDS(TM). We have integrated several discrete technologies into a cohesive area defense system that provides users with a truly autonomous perimeter defense and standoff capability over wide areas. We look forward to demonstrating the efficacy of MAPSANDS(TM) and the specific system technologies that comprise it," stated Carl Gruenler, Chief Executive Officer of USGN.

    More information about MAPSANDS(TM) can be found on USGN's website, usgn.com, including photos of Mobile MAPSANDS(TM).

    About US Global Nanospace

    US Global Nanospace, Inc. is a solutions oriented research and development company that specializes in identifying, developing, and commercializing new and emerging technologies and products for integration into the security, defense and health and safety markets. USGN uses cross-discipline knowledge in the areas of science, engineering, nanotechnology and nanomaterials to evolve products that address high performance issues. USGN has focused its commercial efforts on identifying strategic partnership companies that have the resources to manufacture, market, or integrate its products on a commercial scale. USGN's products include MAPSANDS(TM), All-Clear(TM) Chem/Bio Decontamination Foam, the G-Lam line of variable threat armor solutions, NanoFilters for HVAC, NanoFilterCX, BlastX, and Radomes. More information is available at usgn.com.