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    The stock Symbol SGU Company Name Star Gas Partners L.P.
    Suggested Entry Price $1.87 Sector Utilities
    Price Objective $2.87 Industry Gas Utilities
    Suggested # of shares to Buy* 100 Market Cap. $63 million
    Close Price as of Friday $2.27 Shari’ah Compliance** -

    Star Gas Partners, L.P. (NYSE: SGU, SGH), a home energy distributor and services provider specializing in heating oil.

    The company announced on December 13, 2005 its financial results for its fiscal 2005 fourth quarter. For the fiscal 2005 fourth quarter, Star reported a 17.8 percent increase in total revenues to $150.7 million, compared to total revenues of $127.9 million in the year ago period, as higher selling prices more than offset a reduction in sales of home heating oil.

    Average wholesale prices of product cost increased 55.1 percent to $1.73 per gallon for the fourth fiscal quarter, compared to $1.11 for the prior year period.

    The company’s stock price rallied from a 52-week low of $1.01 to a 26-week high of $2.34 due to strong earnings performance and high-energy prices. We believe that prices will remain high going forward into 2006 and think this company’s stock should benefit from that perception.

    We suggest buying SGU at $1.87. We think this company has the potential to rally to at least $2.87 a share in a longer period of time.

    We will keep you updated of new developments on this stock pick.