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    ‏15 فبراير 2006
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    Raven Moon Entertainment Inc. New

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    ‏15 فبراير 2006
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    Raven Moon Unveils Plans for Catalog of DVDs; Raven Moon's Impressive Library of 31 Television Episodes Will Give the Company a Catalog of 90-, 60- and 30-Minute Themed DVD Products
    Raven Moon Entertainment, Inc. (OTCBB:RVMO) today announced its plans to create a catalog of DVDs from its Gina D's Kids Club(R) programs to be made available for sale to parents and educators following the show's launch on public television stations this summer. The catalog will contain 22 DVDs assembled from 31 half-hour episodes and one 60-minute "READING" special. Each of the programs covers various early elementary education topics such as learning, safety and social interaction.

    "We started this company from scratch with one DVD and one television station and look what we have now: a growing library of debt-free, high-quality products that continue to build awareness for our Gina D(R) brand," said Joey DiFrancesco, Chairman and CEO of Raven Moon Entertainment. "The key factor in selling DVD products is in our future relationship with public television stations. In order to sell product in massive quantities to retailers like Wal-Mart and Target you need to be on public television. We are putting this catalog together with the expectation that we will continue to add branded products associated with the show and other activities that promote Gina D(R). I want to thank our shareholders and brokers who continue to exercise their below-market priced warrants to acquire a larger position in our company and all of the educators, parents and shareholders who have sent us letters of support and encouragement to keep on going with our business plan."


    The Raven Moon catalog currently consists of:

    (1) ANIMALS - 60 minutes - 2 episodes - DVD "Journey to the Land
    of Dinosaurs" and "Visit to the Zoo"

    (2) ENVIRONMENT - 90 minutes - 3 episodes - DVD "Under the Sea",
    "Clouds, Stars & Sunshine" and "Sunrise-Sunset"

    (3) READING & RHYMING - 60 minutes - 2 episodes - DVD "Learning to
    Read" and "Rhyming Simon"

    (4) SAFETY, HEALTH & FITNESS - 90 minutes - 3 episodes - DVD
    "Safety First", "Visit to the Doctor" and "Let's Get Fit"

    (5) SOCIAL GRACES - 60 minutes - 2 episodes - DVD "Manners" and

    (6) SELF-ESTEEM - 60 minutes - 2 episodes - DVD "Reach for the
    Stars" and "Imagination"

    (7) STORY BOOK FUN - 90 minutes - 3 episodes - DVD "Journey to the
    Land of Dino Bugs", "Scrapbook Day" and "Animal Alphabet"

    (8) CARING - 90 minutes - 3 episodes - DVD "Helping Hands", "TV
    Ted's Birthday" and "Let's Fix TV Ted"

    (9) NUMBERS, SHAPES & SOUNDS - 90 minutes - 3 episodes - DVD
    "Learning To Count", "Shapes & Sizes" and "What's That Sound?"

    (10) CRAFTS & FUN - 90 minutes - 3 episodes - DVD "Puppet
    Friends", "Playtime" and "Sing-A-Song Day"

    (11) FEEL GOOD - 90 minutes - 3 episodes - DVD "Join The Club",
    "Good News" and "Smile-Ability"


    (12) "Fun With The Bobo Blocks"

    (13) "Fun With Pierre D' Artist"

    (14) "Fun With Millie Muffin"

    (15) "Fun With Mr. Pockets"

    (16), (17), (18), (19), (20) SING-ALONG MUSIC VIDEOS - 30 minutes
    each - 160 sing-along song titles assembled into 5 DVDs

    The "Sing Along With Gina D" Music Video DVD Series

    CHRISTMAS SPECIAL - 30 minutes - DVD

    (21) "Gina D's Cuddle Bug Christmas"

    READING SPECIAL - 60 minutes - DVD

    (22) "Gina D's Reading Across America Program"

    For licensing information contact Janice Hamlin at (276) 632-1772 or Chris Devine Dailey at (310) 374-1081. See Gina D's new Movie Trailer at http://www.ginadskidsclub.com. For information on Raven Moon Entertainment visit http://www.ravenmoon.net.

    Safe Harbor Act Notice: This release may contain forward-looking statements that involve risks and uncertainties, including without limitation, acceptance of the company's products, increased levels of competition, product and technological changes, the company's dependence upon financing and third-party suppliers, and other risks detailed from time to time in the company's federal filings, annual report, offering memorandum or prospectus. Specifications are subject to change without notice.

    For Raven Moon Entertainment, Inc., Orlando
    Fahlgren Mortine Investor Relations
    Carol Merry, 614-825-1750
    Email: carol.merry@fahlgren.com

    Source: Business Wire (March 20, 2006 - 8:37 AM EST)

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