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    About Micromem Technologies Inc. Micromem Technologies, Inc. ( is focused on the development of magnetic random access memory (MRAM) technology. We believe that once fully developed, this technology will be suitable for various applications including, without limitation, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID). It is anticipated that RFID will be Micromem's first market objective. Micromem's primary technology was developed pursuant to an exclusive world wide commercial license issued by the University of Toronto ("UT") Pursuant to the terms of the license, Micromem can buy out the balance of the Company's financial obligations with respect to the patents and technology licensed by UT for a fixed fee. The MRAM development work was undertaken in accordance with research collaboration agreements among Micromem, the University of Toronto, Dr. Harry Ruda and OCE Inc., a not-for-profit corporation supported through the Ontario Ministry of Economic Development and Trade's (MEDT) Ontario Centres of Excellence program. Micromem believes it has full control over the last three years of the technological innovations arising from the MRAM development work, including, as previously announced, the development of the single bit memory prototype.

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