Cramer's 'Mad Money' Recap -

الموضوع في 'السوق الأمريكي للأوراق الماليه' بواسطة FreeTrader, بتاريخ ‏5 يوليو 2006.

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    ‏15 سبتمبر 2005
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    On Monday's edition, Jim discussed his favorite stocks in the security sector. First, he mentions General Dynamics (GD) although he says now is not the time to buy. Next, he names Analogic (ALOG). Despite a bad quarter that was reported in early June, he thinks there is opportunity. Nice Systems (NICE), with its 30% sales growth in its recent quarter, is one of his more aggressive names. Osi Systems (OSIS) is worth a look, given its solid quarter of 26% growth in security revenue and its EPS figure that was twice that of estimates. Viisage Technology (VISG) fell due to pressure from the Identix (IDNX) merger yet feels this will be a positive for the co. He concluded with Edo (EDO) and Axsys Technologies (AXYS).