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    About FACT Corporation

    FACT Corporation develops, licenses and markets proprietary nutrition solutions to commercial customers through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Food & Culinary Technology Group Inc. ("FACT Group"). FACT Group serves commercial bakery operators that manufacture and distribute functional baked goods (such as muffins, bagels, cookies and brownies) designed for a rapidly-growing consumer marketplace focused on quality, taste and nutrition. These products are marketed via both conventional and alternative distribution channels, including branded and private-label retail opportunities, as well as foodservice and specialty markets.

    For more information about FACT and its products, industry trends and functional foods, please visit www.factfoods.com.

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    Danforth added, "Our business prospects for the current quarter and the first part of 2007 are highly promising. I continue to believe 2006 could be our first-ever profitable year, and I'm looking forward to providing updates throughout the balance of 2006 as we begin to see the results of recent product expansion and the recruitment of significant new clients."

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