Equipment & Systems Engineering, Inc. (EQSE

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    Alert! Up 61% on Friday alone!
    Watch EQSE Go HIGH on December 5th.

    Equipment & Systems Engineering, Inc. (EQSE)

    Rating: VERY Bullish

    Sector: Environmental EngineeringCurrrent Price: Around $0.125 (+25%)
    Projjected: $0.20

    This is THE pick for the fourth quarter. Environmental
    stocks are getting incrredible exposure and taking off as
    governments and companies realize they need to start
    ********* NOW. EQSE is involved in high tech solutions for
    both the problems we face today and those of the future.

    Search your favorite financial information site and become
    a believer. Thhis is HOT!

    This issue is VERY tightly held
    and the release is going to push it up rapidly.

    Don't delay. It's not going to stop till we see 20 cents!

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