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    ‏10 ابريل 2007
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    New Environmental Solutions (N W V M)

    YES! We called it!

    The alert went out on Wednesday to expect a big run on NWVM
    starting Thursday April, 12. By the end of the week it was
    up 12% on Strong Volume! This is just the beginning!

    Symbl: N W V M

    Currrent Price: $1.63 (+12% on the week)
    Projeccted Price: $5.75
    Rating: STROoNG BUuY

    New Environmental Solutions, Inc. is a High Tech company so
    fresh it's practically in its IPO stage. With Ingenious
    dual purpose Proprietary technology NWVM is set to
    revolutionize urban development by providing symbiotic
    solutions to both waste and energy issues.

    This news came out after the bell on Wednesday:

    SALEM, NH -- (MARKET WIRE) -- 04/11/07 -- New Environmental
    Solutions, Inc. is pleased to announce they have entered
    into a letter of intent with Hanaworld Water Corporation of
    the U.S.A. as a joint venture partner to expropriate
    Bentonite from its Texas property and process the ore to
    fill orders of approximately 50,000 metric tons a month@ a
    sale price of $90.00 USD per tonne, from proven reserves of
    10,000,000 metric tones fob the mine site. New
    Environmental Solutions Inc. will raise additional capital
    to expand the tonnage over the next three years.

    That's $54mil in sales per year!!! Incredible for this
    brand New Company!

    NWVM is just getting going. Check the Level 2. It's Wide
    Open! We are going to see this one at the Tarrget Price in
    no time!

    In his first official act Benedict visited the mausoleum of Mustafa Kemal
    Ataturk the
    founder of modern Turkey In a guest book he wrote that Turkey is a meeting point
    of different religions and cultures and a bridge between Asia and Europe
    Later Tuesday while addressing Turkeys diplomatic corps the pope heralded the
    role in the UN peacekeeping force in southern Lebanon

    يمكن يطلع على هالكلام بس السهم اعتبرة غالى