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    From The Desk of Eric Dany --------------

    “In the last 10 years, demand for wind power soared 887%. That’s up almost TEN TIMES. At $.90 a share, Americas Wind Energy (AWNE) could return $208,000 for every $5,000 invested...”

    Hello Friend: it gets even better than this!

    In the next three years — 2007 through 2010 — estimated demand is going to grow 119% MORE. This is an express train and either you’re going to be on it, or you’re going to miss it. Look at this chart!

    These FACTS Could Make You Wealthy—IF You Take Action Now

    I believe that this phenomenal, little-known company - Americas Wind Energy (AWNE) - is about to grab a big slice of the $28.8 billion dollars spent on wind power, according to the Department of Energy.

    Picking up just 3% of this market turns them into an $864 million dollar empire with I am convinced that this stock could hit $38.40 — UP 42 TIMES, or even more.

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