Wstl @ $5.90

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    WSTL @ $5.90
    Westell Technologies Inc. is a holding company that is comprised of two segments: equipment sales and teleconference services. In the equipment segment, the Company designs, manufactures, markets and services a broad range of digital and legacy analog products used by telephone companies and other telecommunications service providers to deliver primarily broadband services over existing copper telephone wires that connect end users to a telephone company's central office. Through its two broadband access product lines in its equipment manufacturing segment, the Company offers a broad range of products that facilitate the broadband transmission of high-speed digital and analog data between a telephone company's central office and end-user customers. As a result of the recession in the telecommunications industry, the Company has experienced competitive pricing pressures and less than anticipated sales in both of its business segments and while this is likely to continue for the foreseeable future we believe that this company will be a winner over the longer term and that the stock at the current level looks very attractive. DO NOT HOWEVER CONSIDER BUYING UNTIL THE DOWNWARD TREND HAS BEEN REVERSED.