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    MACR @ $17.75
    Macromedia, Inc. is a software company whose software enables business users, developers and designers to create and deliver experiences on the Internet, fixed media, wireless and digital devices. The Company provides three families of products to address this market opportunity: Macromedia MX Products, Information Convenience Products, and Mobile and Device Products. On October 21 the shares closed at $29.03 and then following an announcement by the Company that it expects revenue in the quarter ending December, or its fiscal third quarter 2004, to be in the range of $85 million and $95 million, which was less that Wall Street’s expectations of $97 million the stock immediately fell 9% to $24.55 and has more or less continued sliding to the current level. We believe the strong pullback, which has been much greater than we originally anticipated, is almost at an end and that is why we are highlighting the stock today.