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    ‏2 أكتوبر 2003
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    NYSE: DOX)

    By: Vivian Lewis, editor of the Global ********* newsletter
    Originally Published 2 December 2003

    FET, a leading Taiwan mobile service provider, selected the Amdocs (NYSE: DOX)
    Enabler product for convergent voice, data, content, and commerce billing for
    its more than 4.3 million pre- and postpaid subscribers. Connex (MobiFon S.A.),
    a Vodafone affiliate and the Romanian market leader in GSM telephony, deployed
    Amdocs' Enabler for convergent billing of voice and data services in both
    wireless and IP.

    DOX posted a Q4 profit vs a year-ago loss but said customers were still hesitant
    about committing to new projects. The St. Louis, MO-based firm (incorporated in
    Guernsey in the Channel Islands) had net Q3 income of $43.9 million, or 20¢/sh,
    vs a net loss of $9 million, a year earlier. Revenue was $411.8 million, up 9.2%
    from Q2 and 15.8% up from last year's Q3.

    Source: http://vitalstocks.c.tep1.com/maabJU4aa2JIIbb7FMob/

    Business Summary:

    Amdocs combines innovative billing and CRM software products and services with
    deep business knowledge to deliver true Integrated Customer Management, enabling
    the world's leading services companies to achieve stronger, more profitable
    customer relationships.

    Our broad product portfolio spans the entire customer lifecycle, seamlessly
    linking all customer-facing business processes – marketing and analytics, sales
    and ordering, delivery and fulfillment, billing and settlement, and service and

    The Amdocs product strategy is supported by over $120 million invested annually
    in research and development. Amdocs products are pre-integrated and feature
    coordinated roadmaps and a common vision, benefiting our customers with reduced
    risk and lower total cost of ownership. Our modular approach, standards-based
    technology and open architecture ensure that our products fit seamlessly into
    any environment.

    We support our customers with a wide range of services, including integration
    and implementation services, managed services, and advisory services. Our unique
    combination of products and services ensures accountability and reduces risk.

    Backed by an unsurpassed 21 years of delivering real business results for our
    customers, Amdocs leverages deep industry experience and develops lasting
    relationships to help our global customer base of industry leaders plan and
    execute their business strategies with confidence.
    Source: http://vitalstocks.c.tep1.com/maabJU4aa2JIJbb7FMob/

    VitalStocks.com Research Summary:

    Price / Cash Flow Ratio: 20.9
    Industry Avg. Price / Cash Flow Ratio: 23.8

    Income / Employee: $19,000
    Industry Average Income / Employee: $8,000

    Debt / Equity Ratio: 0.0
    Industry Average Debt / Equity Ratio: 0.22

    Net Profit Margin: 11.4
    Industry Average Profit Margin: 4.6

    Return on Equity: 10.8
    Industry Average Return on Equity: 6.7

    P/E Ratio: 33.1
    Industry Average P/E Ratio: 65.7
    Source: http://vitalstocks.c.tep1.com/maabJU4aa2JInbb7FMob/ Custom Stock

    Further Metrics / Research:

    Search Engine News Search: http://vitalstocks.c.tep1.com/maabJU4aa2JIKbb7FMob/

    Yahoo Message Board: http://vitalstocks.c.tep1.com/maabJU4aa2JILbb7FMob/

    MSN Price Target: http://vitalstocks.c.tep1.com/maabJU4aa2JIMbb7FMob/

    Short Interest: http://vitalstocks.c.tep1.com/maabJU4aa2JINbb7FMob/

    Analyst Information: (Includes Forward PEG Ratio):

    Institutional Holdings: http://vitalstocks.c.tep1.com/maabJU4aa2JIPbb7FMob/

    Insider Buys / Sells: http://vitalstocks.c.tep1.com/maabJU4aa2JIQbb7FMob/

    Recent Company News: http://vitalstocks.c.tep1.com/maabJU4aa2JIRbb7FMob/

    Stock Chart: http://vitalstocks.c.tep1.com/maabJU4aa2JISbb7FMob/
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