Equipment & Systems Engineering, Inc. (EQSE)

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    ‏18 أغسطس 2006
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    We called it on November 30th at 7 cents!
    Now, three trading days later it's up over 130%!

    Can you get returns like this from blue chips and the like?

    All of this appreciation has happened through nothing more
    than those in the know accumulating. When the big news is
    released we will REALLY see this one fly!

    Equipment & Systems Engineering, Inc. (EQSE)
    Sector: Environmental Engineering
    Rating: VERY Bullish
    Currrent Prrice: Around $0.153(+23%)
    Projjected: $0.80

    Search your favorite financial information site and become
    a believer. This is HOT!

    An earth shattering release is expected out of the company
    any day. With all of EQSE's governmental contacts we are
    expecting a major contract announcement. This issue is
    VERY tightly held and the release is going to push it up

    Don't delay. It's not going to stop till we see 80 cents!
    Watch EQSE Go HIGH on December 6th.

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    ‏15 سبتمبر 2005
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    لا تندفع ورى الايميلات الي تجيك ...

    هم انا جتني نفس الرساله .. الحذر واجب