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AlgoDyne Ethanol Energy

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18 أغسطس 2006
2005 was the year of the oil company with many of these companies
posting record profits. 2006 has been the year of alternative fuels
companies involved in this sector blowing off the charts.
This trend shows no signs of abating.

Our next feature is right in the thick of the high-growth alternative
sector and they are doing incredible things.

AlgoDyne Ethanol Energy

Symbol: ADYN

Currrent Prrice: $1.25
Shorrt Terrm Tarrget: $3.50
Lonng Terrm Projjected: $10

It doesn't take a genius to know why alternative energy is such a high-
growth area right now.
Smart traders know how to watch global trends and seize the moment.

AlgoDyne is where it's at. AlgoDyne has developed a turnkey solution
their proprietary micro-algae based process which can produce direct
electricity, eco-friendly fuels, and valuable bi-products.

It is essential to get in early in order to enjoy the biggest gains.
Come Monday, December 18th this one will be rapidly going up
to meet our target price.

Do not delay! Win with ADYN!

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