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    ‏24 سبتمبر 2001
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    The Dow managed to tack on +341 points while the Nasdaq squeezed
    out a respectable +97. While these numbers may not be as large as
    investors would like we need to realize that there have already
    been some great moves in the last few weeks. The Dow has posted
    a +18% gain since the Sept-21st low of 8062 and the Nasdaq is now
    up +27.5% since the low of 1387. These moves are larger than most
    entire years and they occurred in the last four weeks. Don't
    complain that the Nasdaq lost -6 points on Friday. It was just
    profit taking after a very nice run!
    After the great run described above we are now on our own and at
    the mercy of the markets. Confused? Earnings are over for all
    practical purposes. There will continue to be a trickle all the
    way into late November but the lions share of the S&P companies
    have all reported. There are some who feel that these earnings
    gave us a boost out of the depths. The reasoning is that the bar
    was set so low it would be hard for any company to miss the estimates.
    Sorry folks, some managed to do it anyway. Those who beat the
    lowered bar were not rewarded in general. There were some but
    they were the exceptions. Regardless of your feelings about the
    impact to the markets by this earning season, the impact is over.

    We are now watching carefully as next week looms ahead of us.
    The few companies that will announce are not expected to move
    the markets. Instead traders will start looking at economic news
    much more carefully as we get closer to the Nov-6th Fed meeting.
    Will they or won't they? Zero, +25 or +50 basis points? Reports
    that will impact that decision include the Consumer Confidence
    on Tuesday and 3Q GDP on Wednesday. The week is loaded with
    economic news and analysts are fairly confident that the Fed
    will drop rates by another 25 points. The common idea is that
    the supply of bullets is running low and they need to ration
    those that are left. You can make more small cuts than large
    ones and even if they are not making a difference on the surface
    the continued press is positive. The Fed will probably try to
    choose their shots carefully and we can expect the public
    appearances and statements to increase as they try to talk the
    economy back into growth mode.