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    PreMarket - Afterhours stock update: biggest stock gainers and occasionally losers
    Hot Stock Gainers - Traders Edge is designed for Day Traders and Investors who want to get a head start on the day. At 7:50am, 9am, and 2pm you will find the biggest percentage stock gainers for the day in the stock market. Occasionally I will post post the biggest losers. This list of largest stock gainers for the day includes Nasdaq, New York Stock Exchange - NYSE, and American Stock Exchange - AMEX, combine all in one. Getting a head start with my daily stock gainers lists can be a key element in making profitable trades! Includes Pre Market and After hours real time updates. The Data I use is screened and screened even more so we get the good stocks posted. If a stock is up 60% but lacks volume....It will not make the list. It must have atleast 300-500,000 shares traded. It is hard to Day Trade a stock that lacks volume. If a stock is for real, the volume will come!

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