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    شراء سهم NEXM الهدف $4.75 - $5.50

    شراء سهم PNT الهدف $6.00 to $7.00.

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    NEXMED, INC. (NASDAQ: NEXM) - $2.70. Twelve-month hi-low has been $5.65 - $1.09. Based in Robbinsville, NJ, with about 45 employees, this drug developer has 40.2 million shares outstanding, $12.5 million in total current assets, $23.1 million in total assets, and $10.41 in total liabilities, of which $6.9 million is long-term debt. Institutional ownership is around 20%.

    Time again to pick at some more medical/biotechs, and, though, we'd like to see a little less debt from NexMed, Inc., their drug candidates are the kind that could eventually make some headlines, which then could send the stock higher.

    Founded about a dozen years ago, and trading on NASDAQ for nearly five years, NexMed is focusing its efforts on developing new and patented topical pharmaceutical products based on what it calls NexACT, short for penetration enhancement drug delivery technology, that may enable an active drug to be better absorbed through the skin. The NexACT transdermal drug delivery technology is designed to enhance the absorption of an active drug through the skin, overcoming the skin's natural barrier properties and enabling high concentrations of the active drug to rapidly penetrate the desired site of the skin or the extremity. Successful applications could improve the therapeutic outcomes and reduce gastrointestinal or other side effects that often accompany oral medications.

    With a library of over 40 patented molecules for its NexACT platform, NexMed's most advanced new product in clinical testing is Alprox-TD, a topical treatment for male sexual dysfunction. Sounds topical and potentially newsworthy to us. The company has completed two pivotal Phase 3 studies for the drug. Also under clinical development is what NexMed calls Femprox cream for treating female sexual dysfunction. In addition, the company is working with various drug firms to explore incorporating NexACT into their existing drugs so as to develop new patient-friendly transdermal products.

    A month ago, NexMed announced plans to initiate a 400-patient Phase 3 study for Femprox in China. In February, the company announced a Femprox license accord for South Korea. Also, in February, NexMed entered into what seems to be a very interesting R&D pact with a Japanese pharmaceutical company to develop NM100120, a new topical gel to relieve pain associated with dental procedures, some skin surgeries, skin graft harvesting, and needle insertions.

    NexMed is a typical small R&D in that it has little revenue and big losses. For FY2003, ending 12/31/03, revenue was $110, 743 with $20.35 million in losses.

    NexMed is potentially a story stock, thanks to sexual dysfunctions which now seem to dominate the airwaves and TV media.

    Our 24-month target for the stock is $4.75 - $5.50.

    PALATIN TECHNOLOGIES, INC. (AMEX: PTN) - $4.10. Twelve-month hi-low has been $5.89 - $1.43. Located in Cranbury, NJ, with about 50 employees, this biopharmaceutical has 52.6 million shares outstanding, $11.76 million in total current assets, $15.52 million in total assets, little debt, and $2.8 million in total liabilities. One analyst rates the stock a "strong buy". Institutional ownership is around 16%.

    If you notice similarities with NexMed above, that is because there are. Like NEXM, Palatin Technologies, Inc. also has the potential to capture some headlines down the road.

    Founded in 1996, Palatin is a developmental-stage biopharmaceutical company focused on developing what are called Melanocortin (MC) - based therapeutics. The MC family of receptors has been identified with a variety of conditions and diseases, including sexual dysfunction, obesity, anorexia, cachexia, inflammation, and drug abuse.

    Here is Palatin's product portfolio: PT-141 is a patented nasally administered peptide that is under investigation for treating both male and female sexual dysfunction. A Phase 1 safety study showed that the drug had an excellent safety profile while Phase 2A efficacy studies illustrated positive safety and efficacy results in patients with varying degrees of erectile dysfunction (ED). In November, 2003, Palatin announced the presentation of a positive Phase 2B "at-home" study for male ED and reported consistently improved erectile function across all dosing levels.

    LeuTech is an infection imaging diagnostic agent that recently received an FDA advisory panel recommendation as a diagnostic for equivocal appendicitis and is now in Phase 2 clinical testing for diagnosis of osteomyelitus. Palatin has a collaborative agreement with Mallinckrodt for the sales and marketing of LeuTech. MIDAS is Palatin's drug discovery technology from which the company is also exploring drug candidates for obesity, inflammation, and cancer.

    At the end of January, Palatin raised $22.7 million in a private equity deal through CIBC and Legg Mason, and the next balance sheet should reflect these proceeds. Like NexMed above, Palatin is another small biotech that is short on revenues and long on losses. For example, during the first six months of its current FY, ending 12/31/03, revenue was $2.12 million with $11.3 million in losses. Palatin could end up having a lot of "sex appeal" - yeah, that was bad.

    Our 24-month target for the stock is $6.00 to $7.00.

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