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الموضوع في 'السوق الأمريكي للأوراق الماليه' بواسطة السهم الناري, بتاريخ ‏22 ابريل 2004.

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    ‏15 أكتوبر 2003
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    يا ليت واحد يعطينا زبدة الخبر والا يدلنا على موقع للترجمة مجاني غير المسبار او عجيب...
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    Founded in 1989, ISCO designs, manufactures and distributes products that optimize the reverse-link in wireless telecommunications networks. Reverse-link is the signal from the mobile device to the base station. ISCO can mitigate both in-band and out-of-band interference and improve signal handling. Its unique product portfolio includes its adaptive notch filter (ANF(TM)), the new RF2 solution, and a number of other products and services. ISCO is in a unique position to offer wireless operators solutions that incorporate the best combination of our ANF, RF2, service and hybrid technologies in its networks.

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