" Brief message to Mr. Alan Greenspan "

الموضوع في 'السوق الأمريكي للأوراق الماليه' بواسطة خالد فهد السلوم, بتاريخ ‏13 يناير 2002.

  1. خالد فهد السلوم

    خالد فهد السلوم عضو جديد

    ‏3 سبتمبر 2001
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    بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

    .................................................Dear Mr. Alan Greenspan

    I know as well as everybody In the universe that you and your

    team at The Federal Reserve are trying to find solutions to the

    ailing economy which already drowned in recession by stimul

    ating more investments and reforms plus cutting more Interest

    rate eleven times in the row ...... but the question

    Is this action is the real remedy ? the answer is no otherwise

    we would be already reached the level 16,000 on the Dow

    after cutting interest rate seven times only . Let me Mr. Alan

    go direct to the point and hit it right between the eyes

    What would you do if you know that S & P 500 must

    go to the following price no matter how long it takes

    (God welling)

    These numbers are:-

    SNP500 558.94
    SNP500 446.96
    SNP500 376.55

    I know that these numbers sound ridiculous

    now but in the future it will be " oh my GOD

    What to do ? .....The answer is the following

    Take away from the (SNP) 500 all the already deteriorated

    stocks ( AMZN ..for example) and put the not yet deteriorated

    ones to the Index to enable the SNP 500 to hit the numbers

    mentioned before after these added Stocks reach very low

    price in the future

    If the afore- mentioned suggestion does not sound practical I

    have another one which I think it will be more effective and

    less painful

    As you know the major problem to the Stock Market mainly

    the over priced Stocks therefore the action to overcome this

    situation is splitting the SNP 500 2:1 and market will manage

    to hit these numbers quickly .Finally let me draw your attention

    to a very successful same action done by "IBM" and CSCO

    On May - 21- 1992 CSCO was supposed to correct a little but

    instead the company ignored that and continued going up

    extremely higher and higher.. CSCO policy makers know that

    the price of May 21-92 (41.50) must be reached no matter

    how long it takes therefore they did the right action by

    splitting the Stock several times to meet the price (41.50 ) on

    December - 19-2000 with less pain

    If CSCO choosed not to do that then it must go as low as

    the price (0.5764) any time in the future

    IBM on the other side of the coin on April - 8 - 1998 supposed

    to correct a little but it did not . So IBM very much like CSCO

    did the right job by splitting the Stock 2:1 to reach the price

    target of ( 104.50 ) after it went up as high as ( 246 )

    on May - 1999 . The price ( 104.50) reached on

    October -15- 1999 . If IBM did not do this action at the right

    time it will do it later with more pain as low as $ 52.13

    Mr. Alan....... Choose one of the two because you should be

    with or against and let us again enjoy the ride as much as

    enjoying the long lasted PEACE

    Khalid Fahad Al- salloum