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    ‏9 مايو 2004
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    نتيجة اعلان الأرباح لهذا السهم، لا يزال السعر في صعود

    ATNG, Inc. (OTCBB:ATNG) announced today that that the Company will post a substantial profit for the second quarter 2004.

    According to Robert Simpson, Chairman-CEO, ATNG, Inc., "We are pleased that our fourth strategic objective, 'earn a profit', is a reality. Our first three objectives are: operating to manage capital, legal issues and debt reduction. An analysis of our financials shows a profit this quarter of more than $2.1 million, which is greater than our current market cap, and we still have nearly two weeks left in the Quarter. These earnings are a result of operations and debt settlement." Simpson continues, "Our outlook regarding continued revenue growth and profits remains conservatively optimistic."

    ATNG has recently expanded its management team, acquired two valuable patents, and is currently in the process of acquiring Blue Kiwi, Inc. and two other promising companies. Blue Kiwi's second high-caliber nutraceutical product, the PMS Pack(tm), is now available to consumers and internet orders can be processed when the web site revisions are completed this week.