After Market Report - 3 - 9 - 2004

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    After Market Report

    We hedged our bet a bit in this morning’s report in an honest attempt to try and be fair to the bullish argument that stands diametrically opposed to the bond bull’s argument we have leaned toward since the Nasdaq broke down last month. The war between the two camps is not over after today’s battle, but after today you can strike a point in favor of the more bearish leaning bond bulls
    Jobs data was in line with expectations, but it didn’t give the bull camp any extra fuel to entice a rally higher either. The market took this lack of enthusiasm and focused on INTC’s guidance as the semiconductors once again led the way lower, even making a new 52-week low. This is becoming a familiar story lately. What is almost funny is we were reading on Yahoo Finance this week how the semiconductors were over done and that it is too late to short this sector. We still need to see how institutional money handles things next Tuesday, but right now there is a serious amount of momentum to the downside in this sector and shorting it remains the single-best risk/reward play in the market right now​