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    AWSL سهم طاقة

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    AWSL Rooftop Solar Division Proceeds With First Micro Energy Park

    2009-09-08 09:57 ET - News Release
    MIAMI, FL -- (MARKET WIRE) -- 09/08/09

    Atlantic Wind and Solar Inc. (PINKSHEETS: AWSL) is pleased to announce that it is proceeding immediately with the installation of its first Solar Rooftop -- Micro Energy Park -- situated in the rural township of Minden, Ontario.

    The 9.5 kw project represents the first of a series of Micro Energy Parks to be implemented by the Corporation in the near future. The new solar rooftop park will be directly owned and operated by Atlantic Wind and Solar, generating a long-term stream of revenues. All electricity delivered to the grid will receive a lucrative price over a 20 year period, guaranteed by the Ontario Government's new Feed-In-Tariff program aimed at encouraging Renewable Energy projects such as this.

    In addition to being socially and environmentally responsible, this project also adds an extra $24,000.00 in rental income, without any investment, to this property owner.

    "Today's milestone announcement represents the first of several revenue-generating Micro Energy Parks that will be owned and operated through a series of lease agreements being negotiated by Atlantic Wind and Solar Inc. Through AWSL's Micro Energy Parks, in conjunction with the Ontario Government's generous Feed-In-Tariff, property owners and landlords all across Ontario can now capture previously unavailable long term revenue and profit streams from the rooftops of their real estate investments."

    Atlantic Wind and Solar I.R. Director, Mr. Brent O'Connor

    The Rooftop Opportunity

    The Ontario Power Authority has instituted the FIT Program which offers to buy (at the highest price) electricity generated by rooftop PV solar arrays through contracts running approximately 20 years. Studies confirm an abundance of solar energy available in Ontario -- superior, in fact, to Germany, a world-leading producer of solar energy as a portion of its total produced electricity. Tens of thousands of suitable rooftops are presently underutilized in Ontario, representing a huge target market for AWSL's advanced Micro Energy Park rooftop solar systems. The Company's Rooftop Solar Division will apply its superior technology in the Micro Energy Parks to maximize power generation and profits under the new Ontario FIT incentives for expanding Renewable Energy use.

    About Atlantic Wind and Solar Inc:

    Through focused management, strong R&D, state-of-the-art proprietary technology, exclusive licenses, and joint ventures, Atlantic Wind & Solar Inc. is poised for rapid growth at the forefront of the massive global shift towards environmentally friendly, economical renewable energy. The Company is positioned to achieve significant inroads into key sectors of the annual $200 billion renewable energy boom that is accelerating across North America and around the world.
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