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    Arrhythmia Research Technology, Inc. is engaged in the licensing of
    medical software, which acquires data and analyzes electrical
    impulses of the heart to detect and aid in the treatment of
    potentially lethal arrhythmias. The Company's patented products
    consist of signal-averaging electro cardiographic (SAECG) software.
    Arrhythmia completed an update to a Windows-based version of its
    Predictor series in the year ended December 31, 2002. It's wholly
    owned subsidiary, Micron Products, Inc. (Micron), is a manufacturer
    and distributor of silver-plated and non-silver plated conductive
    resin sensors (sensors) used in the manufacture of disposable
    electrodes constituting a part of electrocardiograph (ECG)
    diagnostic and monitoring instruments. Micron also acts as a
    distributor of metal snap fasteners (snaps), another component used
    in the manufacture of disposable electrodes. In addition, Micron
    manufactures and leases high-speed electrode assembly machines to
    its sensor and snap customers.

    For the nine months ended 9/30/04, net sales rose 42% to $8.2
    million. Net income rose 36% to $1.2 million. Results reflect
    increase in revenues from Molders division and Micron senor product
    line, partially offset by higher general and administrative costs
    and income taxes.

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