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    ‏14 ابريل 2005
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    Shares Outstanding 54,461,000
    Market Value $ 21,517,541.10

    اعلا سعر $ 1.87
    ادني سعر $ 0.306

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    China Digital Communication Group(OTCBB: CHID -

    Gained 1.2% Tuesday. On Monday they announced that Yi Bo Sun has resigned from China Digital effective as of January 19, 2006. The Company has appointed Chang Chun Zheng as its new Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board; and Hong Liang as its Chief Operating Officer and as a Director, both effective January 19, 2006. You can view our profile at

    HS3 Technologies, Inc. (OTCBB: HSTT- HS3 Technologies Inc. (HS3) (OTCBB: HSTT) has introduced its proprietary, cost-effective satellite-based CCTV security surveillance and monitoring system for remote rural oil and gas installations, ideal for remote pipelines and oil well installations that have long gone unprotected due to the cost prohibitive nature.

    HS3's proprietary security surveillance and monitoring system consists of high-resolution cameras, proprietary software and flow-monitoring components. Real-time, high-resolution images and data are beamed via WildBlue Communication's ( cost-effective Ka-band to any designated remote control station. Ka-Band offers higher Internet speeds, cheaper Internet costs, more affordable equipment and higher reliability. Additionally, the HS3 system offers access to images and data via a cell phone.

    Mark Lana, CEO of HS3 Technologies stated, "The need for security in the oil and gas industry is extremely important. Equally as important is the ability for producers to monitor production at remote wells. We designed our system so that wells could be monitored in real time, this way producers could eliminate the weekly trips of personnel to remote wells to monitor production. Our product is a system the oil and gas industry has been demanding for its efficiencies and cost-effectiveness. It can save producers hundreds if not thousands of dollars per well." You can view our profile at


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