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    wcoeq--------------------------------------------------------------------------------للاخوان اصحاب الخبرة الطويلة لو سمحتوا افيدونا هل اخبار الشركة صحيحة وممكن ترتفع للاهمية وشكرااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااwhich they will be asked to document their buy and sell dates. These may be sent to those who purchased prior to July 21, 2002, the date that bankruptcy was filed. Those who bought or sold up to July 21, 2002 will likely be compensated due to MCI/WorldCom and creditor fraud. This compensation will be over and above the present estimated book value of all 2.9 billion common shares which is now at $20.00 per share.