When to place or open a trade?

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    Salam leljamee3 o kel 3am wentaw ebkhair..

    I have few questions...and lets discuss them so that we can all benefit from them. As we know, FOREX is all about timing. The single important thing in trading is when to choose the right time to enter or exit.

    So, i have few questions to the experts and hopefully they can help all of us to understand better.

    1. When to enter a trade? for Example if i want to open USD/CHF ..

    I know you would say ..yes around the support levels which may be in 10-20 points distribution.
    But, you also have to think about the period that you are willing to invest in...for example intra-day, short-term, medium or long term

    Also, you may say ..you have to work with the trend not against it..for example if the trend is up, then buy , if down then sell

    Again, most of us can do this...but still we lose

    So, we have to use other indicators to help us. Most of us use MACD, RSI, Stoschaitics, Bollienger...and others

    Now, what are the most popular strategy to place a trade..and we want to use the same example..i.e Buy USD/CHF
    1. Look for the trend...OK
    2. Support Level...OK
    3. We chose short-term..days...OK

    Now the question !!!! How to use the indicators to help

    I can tell you my experience but i hope that others can discuss with me their experience... i may be wrong..mo 3aib...but el 3aib, that i insist on something wrong.

    I use few indicators...and mostly RSI and Stocschatics
    So, if choose to buy USD/CHF for example and all the conditions above are satisfied then.. i try to place a trade when
    1. RSI is below 30 and going to rise to the above the critical low line
    2. Stoschastics...when the line is around 20% and reversing to go up
    3. MACD opposite to Stoschastics

    NOW..the big questions.... What are the best Chart to use !!!
    1. 1 hour
    2. 4-hour
    3. Daily
    4. Weekly

    I use both 1-hour and 4-hour all the times but also check the overall trend on the daily chart to help

    Sometimes, you have a strong RSI above 70, and stochastics around 80% on 1-hour chart...but RSI below 30 and Stoschatics around 20% on the 4-hour chart !!

    What would you do?

    BUY or SELL...

    I hope we can discuss this point

    ya36ekom el 3afya