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    ‏18 أغسطس 2006
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    We have brought you winner after winner this year and things are only
    become better! Introducing: THRI.PK

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    Thresher Industries

    Stock: THRI.PK
    Price: 1.55
    Short Term Target: 2.75
    Long Term Target: 4.15
    Recommendation: STRONG-BUY
    Price Increase Expec: Max
    Investment Risk: Low
    Note: High Volume Activity All Week

    About THRI.PK:
    Thresher Industries provides conventional cast aluminum as well as
    reinforced metal matrix composite aluminum alloy components for a
    variety of customers and applications. Thresher's ThermaLite and
    TerraLite alloys offer unique properties compared to conventional
    aluminum alloys such as increased wear resistance, unique thermal
    properties and greatly increased strength. Thresher also offers
    proprietary casting technologies including its Nautilus Core
    Technology, a bio-degradable recyclable process that is used to
    generate internal shapes and passages in castings without sand or
    binders normally used in casting operations.

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    Nov 30!

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