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    >CALGARY, ALBERTA--(MARKET WIRE)--Apr 17, 2007 -- Premium
    >Petroleum Corp. is pleased to announce that a successful test well was
    >drilled on the Boyne Lake Prospect to TD (total depth) of 1,841 feet. Both
    >the primary target "Upper Grand Rapids" zone as well as the up hole
    >secondary target "Viking" zone were encountered and were Prolific.
    >After 5 or 6 days the well was checked again, and much to the delight of
    >management, an approximate 250 meters (800 foot) head of oil was
    >present in the well bore - evidence that we had encountered OIL SANDS,
    >but even more significant, FLOWING OIL SANDS. In accordance with
    >Alberta Energy's designation, our project is categorized OIL SANDS;
    >located in the Cold Lake Oil Sands district.
    >The significance of FLOWING OIL SANDS is that expensive mining and
    >recovery methods are unnecessary, as conventional pumping methods can
    >be used for recovery of the oil.
    >As no one else in the area is producing oil from this Upper Grand Rapids
    >zone, we have made a New Pool Discovery.

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