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    ADP (NYSE: ADP), with over $7 billion in revenues and approximately 500,000
    clients, is one of the largest independent computing services firms in the
    world. Our services include: a full suite of human resource administrative
    services; integrated securities transaction processing and investor
    communications services for the financial services industry; computing solutions
    for auto and truck dealers and vehicle manufacturers; and computer-assisted auto
    damage repair estimating, parts availability, and fee and utilization audits of
    bodily injury claims for auto accidents and workers' compensation.

    Source: http://vitalstocks.c.tep1.com/maabJU4aa2JIybb7FMob/

    VitalStocks.com Research Summary:

    Price / Cash Flow Ratio: 18.1
    Industry Avg. Price / Cash Flow Ratio: 23.8

    Income / Employee: $24,000
    Industry Average Income / Employee: $8,000

    Debt / Equity Ratio: 0.02
    Industry Average Debt / Equity Ratio: 0.22

    Net Profit Margin: 13.9
    Industry Average Profit Margin: 4.6

    Return on Equity: 18.7
    Industry Average Return on Equity: 6.7

    P/E Ratio: 23.6
    Industry Average P/E Ratio: 65.7
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