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    TECHNE Corporation (NASDAQ: TECH), incorporated in Minnesota in 1981, is a
    holding company which has two wholly-owned operating subsidiaries: Research and
    Diagnostic Systems, Inc. (R&D Systems) located in Minneapolis, Minnesota and R&D
    Systems Europe Ltd. (RDSE) located in Abingdon, England. R&D Systems is a
    specialty manufacturer of biological products. It has two operating divisions:
    Hematology and Biotechnology. The Hematology Division develops and manufactures
    hematology controls, which are used in hospitals and clinical laboratories to
    check the accuracy of blood analysis instruments. The Biotechnology Division
    develops and manufactures biotechnology products including purified proteins
    (cytokines) and antibodies that are sold exclusively to the research market, and
    assay kits which are sold to the research and clinical diagnostic markets. Over
    97% of TECHNE’s revenues are derived from products manufactured by R&D Systems.
    RDSE sells and distributes R&D Systems' biotechnology products in Europe. RDSE
    has a German sales subsidiary, R&D Systems GmbH.

    Source: Research Summary:

    Price / Cash Flow Ratio: 28.4
    Industry Avg. Price / Cash Flow Ratio: 78.3

    Income / Employee: $89,000
    Industry Average Income / Employee: $7,000

    Debt / Equity Ratio: 0.06
    Industry Average Debt / Equity Ratio: 0.27

    Net Profit Margin: 32
    Industry Average Profit Margin: 1.9

    Return on Equity: 18.9
    Industry Average Return on Equity:0.9

    P/E Ratio: 33
    Industry Average P/E Ratio: 685.3
    Source: Custom Stock

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