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    ‏18 أغسطس 2006
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    Ignoring Google Has Cost You Dearly

    "I told you 13 times since October 2005 to buy Google.
    That's 13 times to hop aboard the biggest wealth-building
    story of the next 10 years.

    "13 times to make the easiest money you'll make in your
    life time. 13 times to grab hold of this juggernaut.

    Now that Google has hit the magic $500 mark, will you
    finally listen to me?

    I hope so, because this stock is going to $1,000, as
    I'll explain in this special alert. If you act now,
    you can lock in your double today."

    Louis Navellier, editor, Blue Chip Growth Letter

    Fellow Investor,

    Admit it.

    Deep in your regret-filled heart, you're kicking yourself.

    Either you wanted to buy Google and didn't, or you wanted
    to add to your holdings and didn't.

    All the while you were telling yourself $300 was too much
    to pay for a stock... that $400 was too much to pay for a
    stock... and now, if my gut is right, you're still telling
    yourself that $500 is too much to pay for a stock.

    And yet...

    ...everyone who is buying Google today will be smiling all
    the way to the bank when the stock hits $1,000. How about you?

    A Secret That Will Make You 50% Richer Every Six Months

    I'm Louis Navellier, editor of Blue Chip Growth Letter. Since
    1998, my advice has beaten the S&P 500 by $3-to-$1.

    Of course, we didn't post these record returns by buying stocks
    that were simply selling for $300, $400, or $500 per share. We
    did so by ********* in companies with scorching double-digit
    earnings regardless of their selling price.

    So if you're looking at Google's $483 price tag with hesitation,
    you're simply looking at the wrong number.

    The number you should be looking at is how fast a company is growing
    its quarterly earnings. In this case, you should be looking at
    Google's 98% year-over-year quarterly earnings.

    Frankly, this is not only how Google has jumped from a $300 stock
    to the $500 realm in 12 months...

    ... but it's also OUR SECRET to beating the market by $3-to-$1 and
    growing 50% richer nearly every six months.

    Why Google is Really a $1,000 Stock

    Surprisingly, it's the same two reasons that not only have propelled
    the company to the $500 mark...

    ... but also will reward everyone who buys today and could double
    their money in two years:

    Earnings growth.

    As I regularly remind my readers, Google is much more than the most
    powerful search engine on the Internet.

    It's also the biggest earnings generator on the Web, sucking up nearly
    $3 billion in annual advertising revenues in a market that's worth
    $10 billion. That's a mammoth 30% market share.

    In the next 12 to 24 months, that market share could easily ratchet
    up to 40%! How can I be so sure?

    Because Google practically owns the Internet, with the biggest brand,
    best products and the largest advertising revenues.

    I speak, for example, of...

    * Google AdWords, the grand daddy of all money makers that sucks in
    billions in ad revenues from nearly 30% of all advertisers with a 61%
    monopoly on all Internet searches.

    * Google AdSense. This brilliant profit center turns Internet users
    into affiliate advertisers, continuing to spread the Google reach like

    * Google Maps. Lost? No problem. This marketing machine acts like a
    spider web, luring in business owners with free listings and ultimately
    helping convert them to paid advertisers.

    * Google Checkout. Another stroke of money-making genius. With Google
    Checkout you search the Web, click on any Google ad, and not only see
    what interests you, but can buy it with one simple click of the mouse.

    * Google Video/YouTube. The deal cost Google $1.65 billion. Yet, as
    the Internet goes video, this could be their biggest revenue generator
    of all.

    And these are just five of the dozens of integrated Google services
    that have created the Internet's biggest wealth-building juggernaut
    and why the company's revenues continue to accelerate.

    And this cycle is unstoppable.

    Just look...

    As Google's advertising revenues increase, so do the company's
    And earnings increases push the stock price higher. The rising stock
    attracts the best engineers, who create even more innovative services
    which ultimately result in greater advertising revenues.

    This is how the company's net income doubled from the year before. This
    how the company's earnings per share beat the street by 20%. This is
    how the
    company's revenue jumped by 70%.

    AND-this is an important point-this is how the company's share price
    jumped from $300 to the $500 mark in 12 months and has become more
    than ExxonMobil and Wal-Mart!

    A Stock You Should Hold for 5 Years

    Look-I don't know how many shares of Google you own now, but I do know
    this: At $483 a share, it's not only an earnings monster that should
    the cornerstone of your holdings, but also an example of our proven
    of ********* in companies that dominate the industry, exploit their
    and increase shareholder value year after year.

    My new readers who just joined me in October 2005 have already banked
    61% profits.
    I know you will, too, when you add Google to your holdings and see it
    you 50% richer every six months.

    But don't buy yet-be sure to check my website for my most recent buy
    on this one. With the industry questioning Google's every move, my
    price and a little patience could add an extra 35% to your return:

    5 More Earnings Giants Like Google That are on Their Way Up

    If you've read this far, then I know you see that the juggernaut called
    Google will go down in history as one of the most profitable
    of all time.

    As the editor of the Blue Chip Growth Letter, it's my job no, make that
    passion, to connect the dots to the stocks that are most likely to
    As you've seen so far, simply by embracing these opportunities now, you
    could easily double, triple or even quadruple your wealth in the
    years ahead.

    For more than 20 years, my readers have grown richer from my efforts in
    identifying world-changing trends, handpicking the stocks and holding
    for the ride. Which is why, according to the Hulbert Financial Digest,
    other financial advisory on Wall Street has made its readers more money
    than my long-running newsletter, Emerging Growth (formerly MPT Review).
    I don't mention this to boast, but only to confirm the profitability of
    our time-proven, trend-riding approach.

    For example, in the 1980s when retail was hot, my readers made 820%
    LA Gear and 786% with 4Kids Entertainment. I could see that prices were
    squeezed higher by the twin forces of supply and demand.

    In the 1990s, we continued to pile on the profits in technology with
    big winners
    like Optical Coating (+1579%), Photon Dynamics (+971%), Envirodyne
    (+1704%) and
    Glenayre Technology (+688%).

    And when I launched my Blue Chip Growth Letter in 1997, no one thought
    I could
    beat the major market indexes by 3-to-1 in blue chip stocks. But we've
    just that, gaining 168% compared with 45.4% for the S&P 500.

    In fact, in just the last five years, we've seen a $25,000 investment
    in our
    top strategic holdings soar 86%, to $46,000. I mention this not to
    brag, but to
    show you the benefits of becoming a regular subscriber to Blue Chip
    Growth Letter.

    So if you like what you've read here and want to get in on our
    investment approach
    and the kind of money we've made our readers, I've made it possible for
    you to
    receive Blue Chip Growth Letter for the next six months on a 100%
    basis: http://iplacereports.com/?sid=7DX163&en=1800930

    Let Me Send You This Special Report
    ONLINE NOW to Get You Started

    It's called 5 Earnings Giants for 2007. In it, you'll discover how you
    can take
    advantage of our time-proven earnings-based method of ********* that's
    beaten the
    market by more than $3 to $1.

    Best of all, it's yours free for simply accepting a 100% guaranteed
    trial to the
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    Here's a sneak preview of the profits that await you:

    Earnings Giant #1: As you'll see in your special online report, this
    huge commercial
    REIT could be one of the biggest profit takers for 2007. Real estate,
    you say?
    Absolutely. Why?

    TWO REASONS. First, the company's holdings are in the hottest
    commercial markets in the United States. Markets that have continued to
    grow despite
    the downturn. In fact, since the real estate market "cooled off," this
    quarterly earnings have skyrocketed 278%. So it's no wonder the stock
    is up more than
    50% in the past 12 months and 104% over the past two years.

    Second, you also profit from flattening interest rates. Look-if this
    company can
    make profits hand over fist in a rising interest rate environment,
    imagine the kind
    of profits to be made as interest rates level out and then fall.

    As you'll discover, fundamentally, the company is like having your cake
    and eating
    it too. As I mentioned, the company has posted 278% earnings growth
    during the past year,
    handing investors better than 50% gains. AND YET the company trades at
    barely 15 times

    If you know of a better opportunity that could hand you 50% profit in
    the next six months,
    let me know. Otherwise, buy this one with both hands.

    Earnings Giant #2 is not only one of the world's biggest financial
    services firms, but
    it is also the kind of company that will profit as the stock market
    rises in 2007. In fact,
    as I write this, the company's quarterly earnings growth is up an
    outstanding 256%.

    It's no wonder, with the Dow hitting its all-time high, investors are
    beginning to feel more
    confident and flex their financial muscles. As a result, the company's
    financial services
    products are simply in the right place at the right time, from
    investment and commercial
    banking to asset and wealth management, from consumer real estate loan
    products to
    investment alternatives.

    I'll be the first to admit that I never recommend banks when the yield
    curve (the
    difference between short-term and long-term interest rates) is
    inverted. However, this
    company is more than just a bank, it's a financial juggernaut led by
    the top talent on
    Wall Street.

    Over the past 14 months, investors have already banked 43% gains.
    However, as more and
    more positive earnings roll in and consumers gain more confidence, even
    these respectable
    gains could look like chump change as throngs of investors bid this one
    higher and higher.

    Earnings Giant #3: With the travel and tourism sector in the midst of a
    world boom,
    a number of hotel properties will emerge as take-it-to-the-bank
    winners. Our top company
    in this sector is the largest hotel REIT in the U.S., owning more than
    100 luxury and
    upscale hotels.

    A quick look at their income statement and you'll see why I'm telling
    my readers to
    back up the truck on this one. Last year, the company not only
    generated more than
    $4 billion in sales, but also banked nearly $1 billion in gross profit.
    I'm not
    surprised. After all, the company's quarterly earnings growth (YOY) has
    exploded 262%
    but has rewarded investors with 41% gains.

    Yet even these returns pale in comparison to what lies ahead, because
    this traditional
    growth stock will soon become a favorite investment for
    dividend-oriented investors.
    The reason is simple: The company just declared a quarterly dividend of
    20 cents per
    share-an increase of 3 cents, or nearly 18%, over its previous
    quarterly dividend.

    Thankfully, with Wall Street looking the other way on this one, you can
    still add this
    profit play to your holdings before prices explode. My advice: Buy this
    one now,
    before the next reporting period, and you could be looking at a quick
    30% to 40%
    quarterly gain.

    Earnings Giant #4: As the world's thirst for new oil sources
    intensifies, this company
    will continue to make profits hand over fist-despite declining oil
    prices. Here's why:
    This company is the fourth-largest contract drilling company in the

    When you consider that nearly all the new oil reserves in the world are
    now found
    outside the United States, I strongly suggest that you back up the
    truck and buy as
    many shares as you can. As oil prices maintain their historical highs,
    this company
    (with 50 rigs located in the Middle East, Africa, Australia, and South
    America) will
    be laughing all the way to the bank. As a shareholder, so will you.

    A quick look at the numbers and you'll know why: Right off the bat, the
    year-over-year quarterly earnings have mushroomed a whopping 96%. Look
    for those
    numbers to increase substantially as $60-plus oil continues to place a
    squeeze on the entire oil services sector.

    In fact, as I write this, shares in this sector are starting to take
    off as a number of
    brokers are raising expectations and upgrading the biggest players.
    Over the past 12
    months, this company handed investors better than 40% gains. If you are
    serious about
    catching the next wave of the drilling boom, I strongly suggest you add
    a few shares
    to your holdings right away.

    Earnings Giant #5 is another must-own stock that could easily make you
    50% richer in
    the next 12 months. How can I make such a claim? Because not only is
    this company the
    Microsoft of personal finance, small business, and accounting software,
    it is also the
    world's leader in consumer tax preparation.

    As an owner of this company, you'll make humongous profits every year
    as Americans file
    their taxes online. How can this be? Because every year its clients
    must upgrade to the
    newest version because the tax laws change. That means that everyone
    who has last year's
    software is out of luck. The same can be said for its business
    applications, as well.

    So it's no wonder the company has rewarded investors with 44% gains
    over the past 12 months
    and nearly 70% gains since June 2004. But even these great gains could
    soon look like a
    drop in the bucket, because Google is teaming up with the company to
    incorporate its new
    updated version with many of Google's online features-creating a big
    bold income stream
    that never existed before.

    As you'll read in your special report, this new income stream could add
    billions to this
    company's coffers-potentially doubling the company's quarterly revenue
    growth of 32%.

    Mark my words-if you can add this one to your holdings before their
    Google alliance goes
    online, you could be whistling Dixie for the next five years.

    In all, in this special report (yours online instantly) you'll read
    about my 5 best stocks
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    * An ongoing financial education that will help you make better,
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    profitable investment decisions. Every month, I'll bring you the facts,
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    analysis you need to make more profitable investment choices. And
    between issues,
    I'll bring you up-to-the-minute news and announcements about all your
    so you can make the most profitable moves.

    * Valuable peace of mind when it comes to the safety of your
    investments. That's
    because we only invest in the bluest of the blue chip stocks-companies
    with strong
    earnings momentum that are expanding their earnings growth some 40% to
    50%. That's
    the greatest safety cushion you could ask for.

    I Guarantee When You Join Us You'll Beat
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    You have my word.


    Louis Navellier
    Editor, Blue Chip Growth Letter

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