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الموضوع في 'السوق الأمريكي للأوراق الماليه' بواسطة الاســــتا ذ, بتاريخ ‏8 نوفمبر 2001.

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    ‏31 أغسطس 2001
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    In yesterday's Stock Brief, Patterns Revisited,'s technical analyst, Jim Schroeder, detailed some of the more interesting market patterns, and one of those patterns was related to the market's response to a Fed decision on interest rates... After showing a propensity to embark on a relative short term run after the meeting/move, the initial push (possibly 5-7 days), whether up or down, has in the past not been sustained with the subsequent move (possibly 2 weeks) often exceeding the first on a percentage basis... Before losing heart, keep in mind that the pattern has also typically shown that once the initial move and the reversal are complete, there is a higher probability that the market will revert back to the trend prior to the Fed move which, in this case, is positive...