Before losing heart

الاســــتا ذ

عضو محترف
31 أغسطس 2001
In yesterday's Stock Brief, Patterns Revisited,'s technical analyst, Jim Schroeder, detailed some of the more interesting market patterns, and one of those patterns was related to the market's response to a Fed decision on interest rates... After showing a propensity to embark on a relative short term run after the meeting/move, the initial push (possibly 5-7 days), whether up or down, has in the past not been sustained with the subsequent move (possibly 2 weeks) often exceeding the first on a percentage basis... Before losing heart, keep in mind that the pattern has also typically shown that once the initial move and the reversal are complete, there is a higher probability that the market will revert back to the trend prior to the Fed move which, in this case, is positive...